Sunday, June 7, 2015

Nachtzug – Compression (2011)

/Electro pop, Alternative dance, Robot pop, Downtempo/

Comment: this 7-track issue is something truly special which even might need some listening times to become apparent. Gritty analogue synth basses and rhythmic structures flicker and dither beneath synthesizers-induced explorations of creating great harmonic and melodic synapses at times (at Attic, more apparently). Nachtzug does mean the nightly train in German but the music laid down in front of our ears is also very suitable for listening in daytime (the duo comes out of Berlin, indeed). By ideological standpoint the release might chime like a modern update of Kraftwerk. By the way, Compression is only one part of the trilogy (the other parts are Tension, and Fatigue). Top classic notch.
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