Sunday, June 7, 2015

AEdB - B1620-25i (2014)

/Experimentalism, Avant-electronica, Leftfield, Improvised music/

Comment: the coverprint of the album is intriguing – it consists of a sonographic exposure involving shimmering dots as if the stars were represented in the human body. However, this set of 7 pieces starts off with electronic progressions replete with tectonic quivers as if the bogeyman had lost its way and entered into the music device. Later on, lots of interesting sounds are ready to come to the surface – epic synthesised plateaus (even slightly reminding of Kraftwerk), droning harmonica whiffs, emulated marimba sounds and improvised electronic explorations saturated with inner powerful impulses and bold sonic effects. By watching the titles of this 7-track issue it constitutes two disparate subtitles. Eventually it can be admitted the result is a top notch for those who search for the integrated result between electronic music and improvised noises. The outing is a part of the Plataforma Records, the thought-provoking record label from South America. 
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