Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Silence Industry - Brother Sing, Sister Shout (And Other Conspiracies) (2014)

/Cold wave, Post-punk, Goth rock, Alternative rock, Space rock, Remixes, Psych-rock/

Comment: majestically thumping drum syncopation, reverb-heavy guitars and cloudy vocal lines are there to constitute something special for those listeners who think gothic rock and post-punk should be crossed and drawn up in a spaced-out way. The thread which could be tagged as cold wave. Silence Industry is a combo from Canada the line-up of which is made up of Graham Jackson, Laura Mikulec, Josh Pearlman and Hyuma Frankowski. The combo has been related to such labels as Ekleipsi, afmusic, and enoughrecords over the almost 10 years. Their 7-piece issue depicts that silence can be entrancing and gruesome at the same time. Indeed, although all these tracks are produced to be quite lengthy it does not bother nevertheless. However, the only remix represented within the pack does not impose upon me (consisting merely of a maze of sonic effects – it is just annoying at its best). The album is finished off with the bonus track Beneath A Sinking Sky which deviates from the other pieces just using the strums of acoustic guitar (the only unplugged version on the album). By kindred souls I recommend listen to Lycia, an early Cocteau Twins, an early Dead Can Dance, The Chameleons. The issue is released on Enough Records, a prolific Portuguese label containing much music worth to be discovered.
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