Monday, May 25, 2015

Surfacing – Surfacing (2014)

/Noise, Post-industrial, Neoclassical, Dark Wave, Dub, Alternative dance, Avant-garde, Art music, Neo-noir, Experimentalism/

Comment: this handful of tracks by Nottingham, England based combo Surfacing is a mind-blowing one consisting of disparate impulses and currents. The issue starts off with distortion-heavy noirish chants and shrieks revealing the artist`s obsession toward industrial/neoclassical/dark wave/ambient, doleful dub and obscure post-punk-ish sources full of distress, misery and angriness. Beyond it, it used to progress into more dance-appealed yet menacing threads, however, pouring out desolate and misanthropic feels. At times the artist exploits unexpected combinations of sounds and instruments (for instance, using the chords of harmonica at Amaurot, and Melancholy of Fulfilment). It sounds like a soundtrack for the horror film because of dosing all the aforementioned elements properly. Top notch for your worst nightmares and otherworldy dreamy surfacing. 
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