Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rama The Rad – Rama The Rad (2014)

/DIY, Singer-songwriter, Lo-fi, Blues, Avant-rock, Indie folk, American primitivism, Krautrock, New Weird America, Experimental rock, Folk indie/

Comment: although the first chords at the opening piece Big Bang reminded of math rock roundabouts the intuition knocked at me assuming it will not be this genre based album at all. In truth, this 10-piece outing is quite eclectic with his antique Japanese guitars Ryan Anzures conjures himself  back to the tradition of the so-called American Primitivism, Velvet Underground and Lou Reed and Captain Beefheart, and juxtaposing himself to more contemporary talented artists like Mark Linkous, and Vic Chesnutt. Mister Magic Man – I suppose – may it be about Damo Suzuki, the legendary singer of Japanese heritage by the krautrock legend CAN? Actually Everything Is A Lie is also channelized into motorik groove full of obsessive repetition. However, Clouds & Rain is an enchanting indie pop ditty. Last We Spoke embodies the true nature of blues driven rock music made up of sweet, tears and blood. It can be concluded, the result is an outstanding one worth every chords from the beginning to the very end. What else should I add to? Listen to other issues on the Polish imprint Weakie Discs.                            
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