Friday, May 29, 2015

Piyama Party - Michael Esta Vivo (2010)

/Electro-rock, Alternative rock, Hip-hop, Synth rock, Crossover, Country, Indietronica/

Comment: the Mexican project`s Piyama Party`s issue reflects substantially to the nature of ideology of their home label Delhotel Records (also from Mexico). Their music is a sort of crossover concept where low toned guitars/garage-y hirsute electric guitars are tightly mixed up with electronic rhythms, magniloquent synths and other stylistic side jumps (for instance, Historias Feas is drawing upon the country rhythm/guitar strumming, and Rapera (featuring Pipe Llorens) is a simplistic hip-hop bastard). There are brought forth 7 tracks coming to the end at a length of 17 minutes only. Ultimately it can be admitted it is a solid release with different shifts and ingredients.       
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