Friday, May 8, 2015

Optms Prme – Music To Grow Plants (2014)

/Deep techno, Electronic pop, New Age, Poptronica, Electro pop, Sampledelic, Easy listening/

Comment: interestingly, Optms Prme`s release title reminds me of one Estonian band`s name, Music For Your Plants. Moreover, there exist even some parallels which could be drawn upon both artist`s music. However, Optms Prme`s 3-track issue is a friendly listening experience thanks to sonic dodges and crossed aspects therefore creating something truly mottled and diverse – from oneiric techno progressions and aquatic new age-y visions to bubblegum-spawned electro pop frequencies and spaced-out electronic faeries. Actually it is truly convincing how the artist gets right to fulfil the promise to move from one crease to another with such easiness and in a seamless way. This was the first insight of mine into the discography of Vaatican Records which seems to be fairly intriguing. 
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