Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Namm – Geografia (2012)

/Electronic pop, Indietronica, Art pop, Chamber pop, Alternative pop/

Comment: Namm`s Geografia is a moody whole of crispy electronic rhythms, sublime female vocal deliveries and catchy synthesised explorations emitting in different directions its bottomless energy and charisma. Furthermore, all these elements mentioned above used to be channelized into the integrated fist ready to emotionally- slap anyone who is ready to approach it. And those orchestrations flickering here and there are simply marvellous drifting somewhere inbetween sensual and epic realms of human cognition. By the way, all these nine songs are sung in Spanish thereby letting some closed books unsealed. In a nutshell, by listening to it the listener gets a solid cerebral massage. Flawless result.         
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