Tuesday, May 12, 2015

M.PYRES - Used To Sail EP (2010)

/Lo-fi, Experimental rock, New Weird America, Avant-rock, Dream pop, Fuzz pop, Noise rock/

Comment: M.Pyres was a project of Matthew Sage who is a founder of Patient Sounds, a record label in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA which bunched many musicians to display their experimental music to the world. At the moment the discography of Patient Sounds has reached 81 titles (along with compilations and limited tape releases). This 10 track miscellany was specially issued for the blog Fabled Farm consisting of Sage`s early recordings (I guess the listener could even perceive the feeling of rehearsal room at some notches). Despite the sound quality is a little bit rough the ideas and touch could clearly be understood. Furthermore, it constitutes somehow mystical aura around the whole. Basically it can be considered a sort of lo-fi and noisy guitar music although revealing some dreamy reveries and chillwave/hypnagogic pop glimpses in his sound (by kindred souls there can be drawn parallels upon the likes of Lee noble, Atlas Sound and Ducktails regarding the projects outside Patient Sounds). For instance, He is all Pine and I am all Apple Orchard (w/ Sterile Garden) is a mesmerizing torrent of noisy progressions over the top thereby choking and relaxing simultaneously. In a word, it is a rare issue which is truly worth to be discovered and sustained.      
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