Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Icarus Syndrome - The Fun Tunnels of Foosland (2014)

/Indie folk, Americana, Chamber folk, Folk indie, Epic, Lo-fi, DIY, Alt-folk/

Comment: Icarus Syndrome is an artist from Urbana, Illinois, USA whose 19-track issue opens up intriguing sides and fringes throughout this quite lengthy course of journey. Rough guitar strums are boldly represented over there to evolve into remarkably more sophisticated compositions influenced both by contemporary and glorious American roots music. Icarus Syndrome`s sound could be considered a sort of retrospective one though in a good sense only because all these well-known sonorous elements (performed with guitar, banjos, mandolins, harmonicas) are empowered with modern use of electronic music, sequenced rhythms and sublime orchestrations. The album involves lots of songs having power to melt the listener`s heart. At times it is epic (even hyper-panoramic), at times it is bleak and subjecting itself to this contrasty effects does make sense undoubtedly. Let`s enjoy it. 
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