Sunday, May 31, 2015

Death Grips – Fashion Week (2015)

/Hip-hop, Breaks, Art music, Industrial electro, Cyber-hop, Synth electro, Cyberpunk, Leftfield, Breakcore, Alternative dance, Mood music/

Comment: this is Death Grip`s quite surprising, instrumental album of consisting of 14 compositions at a length of 47-48 minutes issued at the start of January in 2015. At the beginning of listening to it this did not impose on me because of lacking MC Ride`s frantic recitation and dizzy howling over labyrinthine and spastic cadences. However, later being conformed at their new format I discovered new intriguing shadows and incisive rhythms structures in the Sacramento-based combo´s music. Interestingly, their stylistic approach and emotional touch is changed due to a lack of vocals in the concept. Although the pads take mostly on murky sounds and highly iterative rhythm progressions, the result is somewhat more freed of unagitated noises and even providing some light-hearted melodic motives and even soothing synth progressions moving upward into the clouds (more remarkably at hockey organ sample based Runway N (at a length of 2.42), and Runway D – where synth electro progressions are interwoven with glacial IDM-tinged techno rhythms). Furthermore, there are some tracks which could be considered examples of cyberpunk/metal/grind music and experimenting with more artsy sounds here and there. On the other side, by production side, all the sounds laid down here are properly accentuated and filled up. Eventually it can say this soundtrack styled issue is fairly accomplished having inner dynamics and power to grow gradually on the listener. It is one of the most galvanising issues in 2015 so far. You, guys, are simply amazing. I shall have to leave from listening to this monster, however, it is a really disturbing fact for me. Aarrghhhh!!!             
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