Monday, April 20, 2015

VA – Movin On (2006)

/Glitchtronica, Experimental techno, Abstract electronica, Avant-electronica, Improvised music, Minimal techno/

Comment: although this miscellany of 14 compositions was released approximately 9 years ago the whole chimes truly impressive and refreshing today as well. The composition was a part of the discography of a record label, Minus-N which disseminated the seeds of experimental electronic music throughout the 00s. As previously said the result is outstanding because of revealing some best sides regarding experimental electronic and abstract/minimal techno compartment. Although the shape of these tracks might be seen as austere, desolate or bleak at the first glance the more you are ready to immerse in it the wider and warmer the content will seem to the listener. Indeed, it can be said the result is fairly appealing (not quite sexually appealing unless you are imagining to have sex with robots fed by high AC/DC voltage loaded cables). Eventually you can conclude the result is minimalist rather than somehow disadvantaged. In any cases, there are represented such artists as Claudia Bonarelli, .at/on, goem/fdw, The Suffragettes, Shalma, Lod, g_n44f, Motor, Masaya Sasaki, Andrey Kiritchenko, Pero, Salmon, Muffrare, Jos Smolders. The compilation is mandatory.
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