Thursday, April 16, 2015

Once And Again – Minus Four – In Stereono (2011)

/Experimental rock, Avant-garde, Improvised music, Free folk, Spoken word, New Weird America/

Comment: behind this project are the original line-up members of ¡para!helion whose miscellany of 13 pieces casts light upon some tendencies being actual in the United States at the moment or recent past. It embraces a shitloads of curious experiments in the realm of rock and folk music. It can be considered a pop music though being a distinctly peripheral one. More concretely, it spans disparate genres extending from folksy roots music to distorted guitar backed spoken word snippets and jazz and world music relied improvisations. The combo is related to such blog as Pen & Mallet which is a source to discover a lot of new bands additionally (Aboombong, Dustdevil & Crow, Blotter, Psychic Enemies Network and some more groups besides).        

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