Tuesday, April 28, 2015

No Kontakt – Signs (2013)

/Trance, Psychedelic, Alternative dance/

Comment: 17-20 years ago the word “ (German) trance” was a pejorative one which was used by house and jungle musicians and fans to describe inferior kind of music (eurobeat) then so predominant in the mainstream of Continental Europe (and related to a street event, named Love Parade which was gruesome indeed). Beyond that there is a batch of other styles related to the trance music. For instance, pick up the discography of Ektoplazm, a record label dedicated to spread the chords of trance music. No Kontakt is a producer from Belgium with Portuguese origin whose 3-track issue encompasses suggestively crashing echoes, blissful synthesised textures and acute yet sprawling rhythms beneath it. The issue is a part of the recording list of Lab Room Unlimited.    
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