Saturday, April 18, 2015

Gnouli Monsters - Hi (2008)

/Lo-fi, DIY, Indie, Singer-songwriter, Synth, Fuzz pop, Experimental pop, Electronic, Alternative pop/

Comment:  Nick Grover aka Gnouli Monster`s album Hi was one of the first swallows (26th in queue) released under the do-it-yourself label Rack & Ruin curated by the Netherlands residing Englishman Dean Birkett. These 13 tracks extended over 34 minutes will constitute a fine listening experience where some quite ordinary lo-fi/bedroom drenched pop progressions are moderately variegated with more experimental approaches where the artist`s instrumental music is infused with electronic manipulation acts, singing variations and poignant sonic effects or just exploiting some sorts of synthesised syncopation to create more electronic pop/and chillwave resembling templates. In a word, the listener shall have to find out the proper knack across the tracks and moody balance within the album. The album seems to be a grower.       
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