Wednesday, March 18, 2015

XO - Diccionario De Silencio (2014)

/Alt-folk, Indie folk, New Weird Spain, Experimental folk, Funk rock, Folk indie, Singer-songwriter/

Comment: XO is an artist from Santiago De Compostela, Spain whose 10-track album used to represent exquisite grids and synapses regarding artsy folk music. It is mostly saturated with dream-filled singing made up in a longing manner. It includes a shitloads of key changes, thought-provoking variations and intriguing tones thereby resembling some grand Americana combos. However, at times some exceptions are up there to arise from the whole – some funky propulsions, shadowy post-rock induced guitar escalations, concrete music shards. In any cases, XO demonstrates to us that modern (folk) music can be tasteful and corroborant simultaneously. It is not a case of ad hoc folk. It is a bridge between silence and still life.          
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