Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Taavi Tulev – Televiisor on tuksis (2002)

/Experimental electronica, Industrial techno, Abstract techno/

CommentTeleviisor on tuksis (TV is broken) was the debut album by then 18-year-old Taavi Tulev whose 14-track issue reveals many magnificent moments and felicitous progressions. The album starts off with industrial electronic impulses, however, involving some techno frequencies within it. Later on, more abstract and electronic and even noisy hovers would be ready to overwhelm the release and the listener`s soul (or brain as you wish). Despite its metallic and machine centred concept the outlet is somehow replete with gladness and joy of living (for instance, Kivi is filled with childishly winsome chords). On the other side, the album used to provide daydreams with the assistance of volatile synth gears and motives. The  issue would be finished off in the key of romantic, chamber drenched electronic flickers. The Estonian musician`s following issue Diktüoneemakilt was released under the pseudonym Wochtzchèe in 2006 (Ulmeplaadid) which can be considered one of the toughest issues regarding the Estonian electronic/ambient music scene. In a word, it is a classic one – it is a must-have release.  
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