Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dwoogie - Babble Off (2012)

/Breakcore, Electro pop, Robot pop, Sampledelic, Dub, Psytrance, Alternative/

Comment: behind the nom de plume Dwoogie produces music Robin Gill who has made it for more than two decades so far. Babble Off consists of a row of breaks combined with hovering (or brooding conversely) synth sounds and production effects (less or more twisted vocal samples and scratches). More concretely, there are represented psychedelic trance beats and electro flickers, some of them used to sound quite laid back, some of them are full of vivid energy and unexpected bursts. There are also represented some hints at dub and robot pop music. In general, the album could be considered a part of sampledelic music being so popular today. The album is issued under Ergo Phizmiz`s record label Chinstrap. Eventually it can be said the result is balanced and varicoloured.     
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