Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Go! Team - Rwb003 (2004)

/Indie rock, Alternative pop, Brass pop, Southern rock, Psychedelic rock, Sunshine pop/

Comment: this couple of tracks was issued some months before The Brighton-based (Great Britain) sextet surfaced to the limelight thanks to their highly acclaimed debut album Thunder, Lightning, Strike (Memphis Industries). These 7 minutes used to constitute a solid span for enjoying great guitar music being mixed up with cinematic woodwind drenched motives and suggestive piano chords. However, although they come out of Europe the combo´s sound and aesthetics remind more of the US-based tradition (the so-called Southern rock). One of the songs (Junior Kickstart) would also be  represented on the debut issue. The result is fabulous and hilarious at the same time.     
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