Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Easton Ellises – NightWavs (2014)

/Dance rock, Post-punk, Alternative dance, Electro-indie, Punk funk, Synth rock, Alternative pop/

Comment: The Easton Ellises is a Montrèal, Canada based duo of Alexandre Dionne (previously known as Stereomovers), and Simon Roy who have gained popularity with such issues as EP One, Black Love (single), and Dance It, Dance All, and EP Two. (mostly related to a Portugese record label, enoughrecords). Their music is an inseparable blend of electronic pop, synth pop, post-punk, post-disco, and alternative pop, though in general Dionne-Roy`s sound could be added to the compartment of the so-called post-punk revival music because most of the movement`s related bands used to blend exalted bubble gum-alike beats with catchy guitar hooks and emphatically arrogant singing. The recent issue comprises 4 tracks all of them reveal that arguments about the death of suggestive melodies and rhythms regarding the nowadays musical groups are just vain attempts. Because of having those elements represented throughout the issue their temporary bombasting approach turns into something appealing. Indeed, I do not bear any arguments against their aesthetics. It is pure enjoyment ready to penetrate into your inner world.                           
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