Thursday, February 12, 2015

Simone D'Annunzio - Near Death Experience #01 (2014)

/Noise, Abstract, Musiqe concrete, Post-industrial, Avant-garde, Experimentalism, Tape music/

Comment: this Italian artist depicts desolate landscapes made up of wailing metallic echoes, ellipse haped drone patterns and choking noise outbursts. Furthermore, Simone`s 2-track increases gradually in volume and loudness or just downshifting its drift in different directions in the meanwhile. A trump of D´Annunzio`s concept is that it is not a harrowing one because those noisy torrents are wisely variegated with more hesychastic, silence and poignant concrete sounds induced snippets. However, he is a fine example of continuity within the course of glorious Italian noise music harking back to such artists as Maurizio Bianchi, Luigi Russolo, Atrax Morgue, Mauthausen Orchestra. 
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