Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sanchez Is Driven By Demons – Robot Replicas (2009)

/Post-rock, Indietronica, Organcore, Glitchtronica, Electronic, Noise, Leftfield, Experimental indie, Ambient rock, Jazztronica/

Comment: Sanchez Is Driven By Demons` 10-track issue is a mixture set up of indie, post-rock, noise, jazz and electronic compartments. The result is astonishing and it might be one of the most intriguing post-rock and indietronic albums ever produced because of revealing unsettling nature and unconventional use of sonic components within itself. It is awash with many disparate sounds and tickling effects replete with inner power and readiness to convey further vivid impulses and glistening thoughts. The combo (Emil Johansson and Jonas Ottosson from Sweden) proves that noise can be penetrating and epic at the same time, and silence can be threatening and beatific simultaneously and (free) jazz can be very sexy and appealing. By kindred souls there can be drawn parallels upon such projects as Tortoise, and Bark Psychosis. 
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