Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Poverty Electronics Vol. 2 (2014)

/Noise, Power electronics, Leftfield, Avant-garde, Experimentalism/

Comment: it is often asked how one could distinguish between bad and good noise music. It will be even more problematic because of noise music frequently used to converge with other styles, for instance with power electronics, industrial and experimental electronic music. Noise music does not mean the kind of harsh noise anymore as previously it used to be. However, the recent compilation of 18 tracks is a fascinating gathering of impulses and chips of the abovementioned styles. There are up in a row such artists as Schemawound, Wozzeck, datewithdeath, Ryan Stanley, Jon Thoresen, mhzesent, mutant.R.I., Big Purr, Nathan J Carter, A Raja`s Mesh Men, NRIII, DJ Conical Bore, Sickle Cell Maneuvers, Der Domestizierte Mensch, Stormhat, Cool Person, Rubbish, and AG Davis.    
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