Saturday, February 28, 2015

LFC & FCao – In Memorian (2012)

/Experimental rock, Improvised music, Dada music, Doom rock, Psychedelic, Noise rock, Avant-rock, Blues, Space rock/

Comment: these 24 minute minutes are saturated with blues drenched carcasses which in turn are embellished with knee-deep psychedelic organ solos and heavily down-tuned or tortured vocals (it is actually moaning on its own if to express it straightforwardly) and bold bass gears. On the other side, it can be considered a kind of jazz music played with the instrumentation of other styles. Thirdly, all this out-of-pop stuff spawned over there is obviously inspired by a provocative, dadaist weltanschauung. The project comes out of Brazil being a part of the asschoes blogspot (unfortunately it does not function anymore with the loss of many download links ). Superb shit indeed.   

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