Monday, February 2, 2015

Legacy: 25th Anniversary Game Boy (2014)

/Chiptune, Mood music, Alternative pop, Conceptual, Electronic pop, Metal/

Comment: this compilation involves 15 tracks dedicated to GB games. Stylistically the whole is mottled extending from brisk indie pop progressions and catchy electro pop propulsions to South Asia inspired quasi ethnic music hovers, New Age/pop classical extensions and acute metal riff laden compositions. In any cases, despite different rhythm expressions most of these pieces seem to be subjected to the same motive. It is quite surprising that chiptune/tracker music numbers are represented so austerely. There are represented such artists as The GuitahHeroe, urdailywater, Malcos, Rexy, DusK, Hylian Lemon, Sir_nutS, Argle, timaeus222, Bluelighter, Brandon Strader, HelicopterKnife Fight, Eino Keskitalo, Tuberz McGee, Chernabogue. In a nutshell, the result is moody and worth to be picked up.
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