Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tomas Nordström ‎– Untitled (2004)

/Electro pop, Alternative dance, Techno pop, Robot pop, Covers, Chiptune, Autotune/

Comment: The Swede Tomas Nordström`s 2-track issue is based on cover versions (Kylie Minogue, and Kelis). Minogue`s Slow is airy and natural thanks to Chill`s sensual yet self-confident vocal delivery. The robot pop meets soul music. This should have reached a hit status. Kelis` Milkshake is a remarkably more autotuned and chip bomb loaded fresco. I like those primitive yet fairly catchy sonic templates beneath the vocal lines delivering a dynamic touch to the whole. In a word, it is a highly commendable issue from the year 2004.  
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