Monday, January 26, 2015

The Utica Flower Company - The Utica Flower Company (2007)

/New Weird America, Free folk, Space rock, Acid rock, Indie folk, Psychedelic folk, Drone folk, Trance rock, Experimental folk, Folk indie, Psych-folk/

Comment: this 14-track issue is a decorous example of the so-called New Weird (America) movement. The album was released in 2007 which was the heyday of the style. More profoundly, expressive but ecstatic singing is tightly surrounded by burbly guitar twanging, spacey drones, and solfeggio choruses. At times folk tunes are to progress and metabolize into hazy trance rock templates thereby conjuring up psychedelic flashbacks and dilated self-realization. Certainly it is a wondrous experience to stop by and listen and be part of it. Indeed, those times were unforgettable ones because anyone called the shots and believed he/she can provide something precious to the world. The collective was related to such labels/platforms as Quixodelic Records and Daydream Generation which in turn were closely related to such wondrous music platform as it was Indiana-based CLLCT, of which involving hundreds of DIY projects. I really hope it is possible to recover it sometime.                      

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