Saturday, December 13, 2014

Wladyslaw Komendarek – Trashy Bird (2012)

/Remixes, Electro pop, Progressive, Conceptual, Synth pop, Electronic pop, Synth funk, Kosmische Musik/

Comment: if to keep talking about Polish progressive music then there are up some representatives who are very worth to be remembered again. Czeslaw Niemen and Exodus ex-keyboardist Wladyslaw Komendarek are those musicians who are obviously well known among the progressive rock music fans. Both of them liked to improvise on synthesizers thereby their sound used to be a little bit more electronic and synthesized than an average progressive rock combo used to have. Trashy Bird contains a handful of tracks which are crafty remixes by such artists as Giro Arana, Futurospekcja, Marcin Cichy, Envee, and Teielte. Apparently Martin Cichy is the most prominent participant on it because of being a member of Ninja Tune related Skalpel collective. Indeed, the artists have hold down the initial element of the track and added something refreshingly new and catchy. Stylistically it extends from spaced-out synthpop and blissful vocoder-driven electro pop to musique concrete-infused downtempo progressions and catchy synth funk cadences. Indeed, there is up just one composition which reveals so many facets behind itself. Greatness.                  
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