Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wixel - Sway With Me, Aimlessly (2009)

/Indie folk, Cowbell indie, Indietronica, Chamber folk, Lo-fi, Folk indie, Alt-folk, Baroque folk/

Comment: behind Wixel hides himself Wim Maesschalck, a Flemish (Belgian) musician and record label owner (Slaapwel). Wim Maesschalck creates intimate soundscapes with the assistance of some other musicians which are drenched with sublime lo-fi and bedroom esque feeling based on fragile guitar chord progressions, some electronic undercurrents and truly magic orchestrations (for instance, We'll Never Get Out Of This Bed).  The album (Intro) starts off with reversed guitar and vocal spasms reminding of My Bloody Valentine in its warm bathing. Other tracks are minimal by its nature because of operating with  slowly moving guitar chords, some glockenspiel interventions, electronic effects and suggestive vocal chords. The issue is short-running – there are up 7 tracks at a length of 20 minutes only. However, it is enough to fall asleep to.   
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