Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tom Fahy - 5 Minutes to Midnight (1995)

/Experimental rock, Dream pop, Electronic, Ambient rock, Shoegazetronica, Big beat, Darkgaze, Ethereal Wave, Post-rock, Alternative/

Comment: Tom Fahy and his satellites` 10-notch issue is stylistically multi-faceted, extending from New Age-y big beat cadences, hovering ambient tinged soundscapes and repetition-heavy guitar shapes to more murky ethereal wave and slowed down progressions. By listening to it the album resembles slightly My Bloody Valentine`s long-awaited third album mbv (2013). For instance, Z Machine is saturated with reverb heavy drums, overdriven guitar effects and signal-alike noises – in spite of it the track sounds exuberantly full of segmented dreams and insights. And listen to Time Traveler's Dilemma (Maude) – pure beauty. Sometimes the listener can feel the time to be stopped by or...just you are stopped for the passing of time. Indeed, the time and being (and Martin Heidegger) is one of their topics on the release. Ultimately it is a great release – so do not miss it out on.              
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