Thursday, December 4, 2014

Los Subwoofus – El23 (2007)

/Avant-pop, Leftfield, Noise rock, Experimental indie, Krautrock, Chill out, Electro-indie, New Age/

Comment: actually it is quite problematic to categorize El23 because of having hints at different directions and compartments. It is simultaneously poppy and cutting-edge thereby reminding of such combos as Stereolab, Pram, and Broadcast, for instance. However, Los Subwoofus` concept is generally a little bit harsher and more noise music reflecting and on the other side showing up more skidding chill out, filter-heavy house music, Latin influenced and New Age music drenched music (more concretely, talking about the ending track Un Tema). In detail, this 10-track issue does have flirtation with glistening analogue synth driven pop music, kraut inspired rhythmic power, howling and soothing space music edges, noisy climaxes, sampledelic insights, big beat and breaks centred cadence labyrinths and even adding hirsute scratches and hip-hop paces to the mix. Listen to it and try to catch this weird beast!  

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