Monday, December 22, 2014

Disgorged Faeces – Contamination II (2012)

/Harsh noise, Non-music, Avant-garde, Experimentalism, Minimalism/

Comment: I discovered a quite feeling by listening to this 44-minute album just consisting of one long-running track full of static harsh noise propulsions and overwhelming sonorous brutality. However, if my first experience was disgusting because of being without apparent changes then the track would have mellowed throughout the course. By the conceptual side I truly like Yevgeniy Kukharik`s approach to reflect upon shortages related to ecological environmental pollution by malevolent consumption activities of the human being. The point is he/she pollutes himself/herself either. Is that the mind of our life? Of course, by exploiting such kind of threatening (white) noise music to hint at problems related to the human being is not the first time throughout the history of noise music but, however,  the result is impressively yelling into the listener`s ear. Please do not think about them as crazy ones but it is not the point of it.
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