Wednesday, December 31, 2014

All The Empires Of The World - CVRSVS (2014)

/Black metal, Trash metal, Epic doom, Neoclassical, Doom metal, Post-metal, Sludge metal/

Comment: this issue consists of two quite different parts – the first of them is mostly blackened and trashy doom progressions with the assistance of down-tuned string instruments and slowed down rhythmic patterns although providing some atmospheric glimpses and acute sonic experiments with low bass frequencies, epic doom hovers, and diverging light-hearted guitar strums added to the mix (especially Auckland). The second section is without guitars supported brutality – instead of it there are up exclusively prolonged keyboards based chords and flows and drumming experiments which used to intersect with silence and tranquility tightly surrounding or emitting from within it. Indeed, if to suggest to the first words on the album (more light, more light) then the purpose will be successfully fulfilled. In a word, listen to their version of the Beauty and the Beast.          
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