Sunday, December 28, 2014

Alarm Pressure – CON (2008)

/Psychedelic rock, Free jazz, Improvised noise, Synth rock, Leftfield, Improvised music, Experimental rock, Drone rock, Acid rock, Electronic/

Comment: Alarm Pressure is a duo (Den Mitchell, and Nick Acorne) from Kharkiv, Ukraine whose 8-track debut issue was an amalgamation of acid drenched sustained noises and synth improvisations abundantly filled with many key changes and moody dodges. At times natural instruments are traded for fully electronic progressions. May be it is not correct to name it a branch of rock music at all because of having obviously inspired by free jazz and improvised noise either. The LP can be compared with the Chicago-based experimental jazz scene (Isotope 217, Chicago Underground Duo). The result is fascinating and suggestive.     
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