Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sun Sunych – Hybris (2014)

/Hip-hop, Rap, Pop/

Comment: Sun Sunych is a Russian hip-hop group whose 15-track issue is based on male chanting and mainstream/pop influenced rhythms. The songs are in Russian (with some phrases in English, though) concentrating on bringing forth attitudes and statements being at times straightforward at times more ironic. The favourite ditties are sublime Pegasus (with charming female intervention and more soul-soaked background), Intro (ft. Alex East Block) which contains intriguing interaction between two singers and ear-catching, pitched sonic effects. Life (ft. Marina Zakharchenko) is a simply beautiful pop song, I'd better (ft. Sunniq and Alex East Block) involves a catchy sample and more funky ambiance around the centre. 
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