Sunday, November 30, 2014

Morgue Of Saints – Sleep/Death (2013)

/Doom metal, Post-metal, Avant-metal, Funeral metal, Neoclassical/

Comment: Morgue Of Saints is an one-man project from Montrèal, Quebec, Canada whose three track debut album is loaded with heavy particles, punching energetic vectors and destructive riffs. The starting composition is delicately drenched with funeral vapour and neoclassical impulses, the other ones are stylistically more doom-laden and used to grind against the listener`s ears and soul with repetitive patterns of gravel-filled drones and ironic mud-eating. Furthermore, the artist`s music is almost tectonic in its slowness as if depicting the creation of the Earth many billions years ago. It is almost horrendous in a picturesque manner.         
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