Sunday, November 2, 2014

mnttaB - 3CR Session July 2014 (2014)

/No Wave, Leftfield, Electronic, Noise rock, Sampledelic, Alternative dance, Art punk, Post-punk, Space rock, Dance rock, Alternative rock/

Comment: it is not the first appearance of the Australia-based collective mnttaB at Recent Music Heroes. I can remember for their cutting-edge guitar progressions with danceable electronic undercurrents. However, this 4-track session is an amazing outlet of much more elements being added to the mix in comparison to previous times. The issue embarks on with distressfully morose spacey guitar progressions which will be traded for a sampledelic content at Men Resisting Change: Second Wave Feminism And Western Films From 1960-1979. WhiteNoise is a hypnotic, spaced-out dance notch and Welcome To The Planet, Dear is saturated with heavy electro chips and noise flinders. In a nutshell, the result is refreshing and kick-ass. Mandatory for all those guys and gals who think punk is not dead yet.      
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