Sunday, November 16, 2014

Il Nostro Tempo Violento - Fuori La Tempesta (2014)

/Singer-songwriter, Folk indie, Alt-folk, Americana, Indie folk/

Comment: behind this pseudonym hides himself Matteo Micheletti from Siena, Italy. He is also being known as Emme issuing the album Eravamo Come Non Saremo Piu' under ViVeriVeve in 2012. However, the recent issue is a decent example of how to write catchy songs with obvious Americana influences (though the lyrics are presented in Italian). Micheletti exploits different templates of song-writing extending from ballad makers to more psychedelic insights and even slightly spaced-out glimpses. Especially great used to be those harmonica snippets which are mixed up with predominating guitar patterns.     
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