Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Super Besse - Musique Pour Les Filles* (2014)

/Post-punk, Dance rock, Coldwave, Alternative dance, Electro-indie, New Wave, Krautrock/

Comment: By seeing firstly Super Besse at the great Latvian Positivus festival this year I was astonished by the singer hyperactivity of being involved in dancing activity and frenzy singing. And the audience in the pavilion did dance along with them. They come from Minsk, Belarus, sing in Russian and being obviously influenced by Joy Division, Krautrock, and indie dance aesthetics. They are not the first band of Slavic heritage who likes to exploit such kind of combination. Obviously the most well-known ensemble is Motorama from Russia. However, authenticity is not the most important thing worldwide at the moment – still catchy melodies and wondrous melodies are around to warm the soul of listeners.

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