Thursday, October 9, 2014

Aairria - The Abyss (2014)

/Dark ambient, Abstract, Minimalism, Experimentalism, Ambient drone, Avant-garde, Soundscapes, Microtonal/

Comment: approximately 2 weeks ago Aairria released a brand new one, Phonography Archive 02 under his own Rain Netlabel. However, Abyss was his previous release consisting of sole, 55-minute composition (the subtitle of it is Wrenching Nostalgia). The concept embarks on with some silence which soon will be interrupted by ghostly echoes and bleak reverberations which later will be slightly accelerated or sustained with vibrant frequencies here and there. Indeed, the soundscape of it is truly profound and imaginative. In spite of its temporary intense nature the result has been managed in a way to afford for the listener to get relaxed and find out the way into its very core. Because of being highly imaginative the issue can be considered interactive either. More concretely, the listener can imagine the ghosts and witches dwelling somewhere in between Earth and Hell, ghouls residing in caves and other threatening underground voids contents. Otherwise the listener can perceive painful feels by remembering good old days passed by and never supposed to be come back.                 
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