Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bencina Disturbio - Goodbye Monday (en vivo) (2011)

  • Psych-rock
  • Space rock
  • Alternative rock
Comment: if to play rock and roll music it should be done very loud and aggressive. Buenos Aires-based collective Bencina Disturbio does it in an excessive way to ooze out energy and power from any slot and crack. Indeed, the collective`s 7-track issue is a blasting appearance filled with tinny, Sonic Youth-alike guitars and supersonic jet engine-reminding overdrives here and there. At times they used to vary their sound with spaced-out indications and more panoramic sonic layers. In fact, it is fairly sexy and appealing to dive into trance-inducing guitar noise whirlpools and enchanting black holes. In true, there was Velvet Underground in the 60s, there was Sonic Youth in the 80s, and now is Bencina Disturbio in the 10s. But why they are not famous yet? Why? It is genuine rock and roll, believe me.
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