Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Panda Eyes – Dream Police (2014)

  • Indie pop
  • Alternative rock
  • Experimental indie
  • Psychedelic pop
  • Power pop
  • Post-rock
  • Jazz rock
  • Soft rock
  • Art rock
Comment: Panda Eyes do present 8 tracks extending to its endpoint at 25.15. The first impression of mine was it is just a soothing and balmy issue involving drowsy vocal lines backed up by somnolent electric, organ and guitar keys. Indeed, the more the whole approaches its ending the more I approve my opinion. However, there are some exceptions (Sinister Dexter; I Wish) offering up some convincing examples toward electronic experimentation thereby reminding somewhat of the doings of Stereolab, American Analogue Set, Mice Parade, and Sea And The Cake, for instance (maybe it can be considered as a safer version of Sea And The Cake). Or Cry Like You Were Like A Man which used to contain artsy grunge and power pop progressions. In short, the Recife, Brazil-based quintet`s album provides a pleasurably tickling and dignifying listening for sure.
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