Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Various Artists - Tasters Vinegar 4 (2013)


/Indietronica, Glitchtronica, Experimental rock, Industrial techno, Jazz, Kosmische Musik, IDM, Dark ambient, Electronic pop, Art pop, Alternative, Experimental electronica/

Comment: this compilation by Picpack label provides a patchwork of styles and genres, however, mostly rotating around the indie-tinged and electronica-induced axis. On the tangent, some tracks remind of krautrock and improvised rock/jazz-y free flow. Much charm and poignant rhythmic magic come forth from this enormous, 28-piece whole. Of course, there are up also some more obscure, abstract oscillations and peripheral progressions worth to embellish experimental electronica-induced miscellanies. Indeed, they shift somewhere in between glitch, Kosmische Musik, noiseful industrial techno, dark ambient, and abstract electronica. In any cases, there are represented such artists as Jimmy Penguin, Astma, Parta Kamyati, Skvirp, Art Electronix, Cotard`s Syndrome, Sotra, Csum, Htrspltn, Purple Eve, The Wandering Tower, Dissolved, Alex Eadg Crunch, X-Ray, Sport&Music, D.G Svon, Weewtam, Fudo Kazuki, Erkin White, Sun-Inside, Empiric Project, Radex, Symptoms of Near End, Grenade Surround Experience & Oleg Sudakov, SashHen, Kakao, Proekt, City Illusions. In a nutshell, despite its lengthiness the compilation is even qualitatively thereby being one of the best ones I have ever heard.
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