Sunday, June 9, 2013

Various Artists – Poulp Up Brazil! (2013)


/Dub, Reggae, Riddim, Ragamuffin/

: this compilation reveals the idea of Afrofuturism at times - just worldly hinting at it. On the other hand, the miscellany is issued on a cult label, Fresh Poulp. Otherwise, the compilation of 10 tracks and artists is rigidly about dub/reggae music originating in Brazil. Indeed, these compositions are heavily dubbed especially regarding bold rhythmic patterns and rough bass chords wrapped up in extensive echo and reverb effects. At times there are a little bit deviated moments with regard to electro immersed stances. There are represented such artist as Dub Movement, Buguinha Dub, Adwa Dubs, Dub Majestic, D-Solution, Zambi U-Dub, Ecoaliaze, Dubalizer Feat. Edu marron, Bass Boss, and Fresh Poulp Souk System feat. Aliena??o Afrofuturista. To summarize, the outlet is decent and worth to be listened for many times in a row. And not thought for today only, though.
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