Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tzii – Fascinum (2008)


/Dark ambient, Psycho-acoustic, Chamber music, World music, Martial music, Dystopbient, Experimentalism, Avant-garde, Neoclassical, Illbient/

Comment: Abyssa was a French label which had issued a solid array of excellent experimental music for many years. Tzii`s Fascinum is a fine example of being a part of it, more concretely, revealing its crossover nature of treated, brooding chamber music layers and illbient/dark ambient/dystopbient laden oscillations and off-kilter sonic effects and reverberations. At times Tzii adds the ominous, steely punches of martial music into the billowy blend. Furthermore, the ending track bases on a weird skiffle of ethnic/tribal rhythms which are a little warped, however, gradually acquiring the motorik, even ritual pattern throughout the course. Indeed, it is an unexpected and truly weird appearance with regard to the logic of the previous tracks. On the whole, Tzii`s work is as great by depth as it is by proficiency.
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