Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Trollhead - On The Loose (2012)


/Avant-garde, Robot pop, Glitch ambient, Experimentalism, Industrial techno, Noise, Alternative/

Comment: Trollhead is the collaborative project between David Deschuyteneer (aka Ronny Ragtroll/Affective Disorder), and Jan Robbe (aka Atomhead/Undacova). Both of the artists hail from Belgium. Their 6-track issue folds different genres and aspects, though, basically rotating around the gloomy maelstroms of portentous industrial rhythms. Additionally, it incorporates buzzing machine induced noises and frequencies, and appalling ambiances coming out from these uncompromised bits and folds. As a part of the album are incessantly changing rhythm patterns, however, this music is not thought for dancing, though. In true, the ending track Tes Ol has been managed to get a catchy, acidic groove to be unzipped. Robots are represented over there to have a party. The duo chimes like Kraftwerk on the distortion mode. Or like a issue for a dystopian future. Cerebral.
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