Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Hathaway Family Plot – Worry (2013)


/Avant-garde, Post-industrial, No Wave, Psycho-acoustic, Experimentalism, Weird, Non-music, Abstract, Noise, Acousmatics/

Comment: undoubtedly THFP`s previous album Debt (2011, WM Recordings) was essentially weird but superb having hints at folk, lo-fi and indie and electronic music. Indeed, the combo carries on the abovementioned tendencies blending it with more acute noises, outstretched warped stereo effects, cyberpunk esque/error-loaded techno and abstract blowups. More concretely, it is a high-contrast issue of restless silent slices (involving echo-bestowed piano chords and doleful singing) and wrathful noise chops. At times I used to think the recent concept is infiltrated with some dadaistic seeds and motes. Indeed, this whole of 11 pieces is aesthetically challenging and provocative at its core.
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