Saturday, June 15, 2013

Small Colin – Tape Productions (2013)


/Indietronica, IDM, Alternative pop, Downtempo, Post-rock, Electronic pop/

Comment: Colin Sweeney aka Small Colin`s 11-piece issue simmers with a relatively quiet, electronic stance composed of suggestively crispy techno/IDM rhythms and catchy synthesizer based motives. On the other side, there are represented more guitar based compositions with effect loaded layers and blissfully droning chords in the background. In a word, the whole drifts between intellectual dance music progressions and indietronic endeavors, though, on the other side, Racking is a clear-cut downtempo driven track. It is a deft release thought to be enjoyed any time of day and night. The more you listen to this the more Sweeney`s album opens its exquisite nature to you.
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