Thursday, June 6, 2013

Petrified Host - As When Lighted (2005)


/Alternative rock, Hard rock, Power pop/

Comment: there are up 17 tracks which are spread out over 32 minutes only. Petrified Host is a duo (Gabry, and Lars) from the Netherlands whose music is an instance of hard-edged indie rock based on hirsute, noisy guitar gears and heavy riffs and embellished with some acidic synth undercurrents. On the other side, the issue is counterbalanced with catchy melodies and harmonies - one of the practices of the combo is about slow and restrained starts changing ultimately into tumultuous outbursts. Indeed, their roots seem to hark back to the 70`s blues-induced heavy metal/hard rock tradition but also drawing inspiration from the more contemporary grunge movement and artsy Sonic Youth-afflated guitar treatment.
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