Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nuclear Nation - Just Before Your End (2012)


/Rhythmic noise, Breakcore, Experimentalism, Industrial tekno, Psychedelic, Alternative, Leftfield/

Comment: Nuclear Nation is 22-year-old Georgios from Lefkosia, Cypros whose 12-track issue straddles the borders between slamming rhythms, droning noises-microtonal noise progressions,infiltrated spoken word layers and massive digitized feedbacks at the backdrop. At times NN adds even psyambient/trance/tekno-near and jungle-ish (or more generally, breakcore-ish) explorations into the mix. By mental side, the issue is filled in with anxiety and dissatisfaction. In a word, it is not an instance of pop music, though, having some seeds of it within the core (more concretely, some keenness to danceable, EBM-alike undertaking). Convincing.
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